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Kazang Prepaid is one of Africa’s leading micro-payment processing services and is a subsidiary of Paycorp, a leading provider of payments solutions in sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and Eastern Europe. It provides typically under-serviced consumers a way to conveniently pre-pay for essential products. What’s more, Kazang gives business owners, shopkeepers and other entrepreneurs in these areas the opportunity to supplement their income and grow customer loyalty by becoming a Kazang dealer and earning commission on each sale. Kazang operates predominantly in informal, rural and peri-urban areas.

Payments are taken using Kazang Prepaid’s proprietary mobile terminals which are designed and built to withstand a more informal business environment. For instance, the devices don’t require a constant power supply and work off the GPRS mobile data service which means they don’t need a fixed data connection. In addition to terminals, sales can be made via the web, USSD and mobile web. All these sales front-ends are interfaced with Kazang Content Ready, a sophisticated switching service that handles thousands of micro-payments every minute.

In addition to services like airtime, electricity, data bundles, DStv and Lotto tickets, Kazang Prepaid Vendors can sell financial services such as funeral policies, life insurance, handle money transfers and more. Indeed, the Kazang service has also been used for lead generation and advertising at the base of the pyramid.

Over the past decade, Kazang Prepaid has handled more than 300 million transactions, comprising several billion Rands of products and services, in South Africa alone and has created an excess of 30,000 jobs in typically less prosperous communities.

Kazang Prepaid services are currently being used under license in seven African countries, including South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia.

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