Contact Centre QA and Trainer

A vacancy exists for a Contact Centre QA and Trainer within the Micro Merchant Division – Operations, in JHB/Cape Town.

The Contact Centre QA and Trainer will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of call centre agents to ensure adherence to quality standards and for developing and delivering training programs to enhance agents’ skills and knowledge. This dual role is crucial for maintaining high levels of customer service and operational efficiency.

Key Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Quality Assurance:

  • Monitor and review calls to ensure compliance with company standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Evaluate agent performance based on call handling, customer interaction, and adherence to scripts.
  • Provide constructive feedback and coaching to agents to improve performance.
  • Maintain accurate records of evaluations, feedback, and action plans.
  • Analyze QA data to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Training Development and Delivery:

  • Design, develop, and update training materials, including manuals, e-learning modules, and workshop content.
  • Conduct training sessions for new hires, ongoing development for existing staff, and upskilling for supervisors.
  • Use various training methods, including interactive workshops, role-playing, simulations, and online training.
  • Customize training programs to address specific skill gaps and performance issues identified through QA evaluations.

Program Management:

  • Coordinate and schedule training sessions, ensuring efficient use of resources and minimal disruption to operations.
  • Manage the logistics of training sessions, including venues, materials, and equipment.
  • Track and monitor the progress and completion of training programs.

Evaluation and Feedback:

  • Develop and implement evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness of training programs, such as tests, surveys, and performance metrics.
  • Collect and analyze feedback from training participants to continuously improve training content and delivery.
  • Provide regular reports and recommendations to senior management based on QA findings and training outcomes.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Stay updated on the latest trends, best practices, and technologies in call center operations, quality assurance, and training.
  • Implement continuous improvements to QA processes and training programs based on feedback and industry developments.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure alignment of training programs with organizational goals.

In order to be considered for this position, the following requirements must be met:

  • Matric/Grade 12.
  • Proven experience in a call centre environment, with a focus on quality assurance and training.
  • Strong knowledge of call centre operations, customer service principles, and training methodologies.

Technical Competencies:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and e-learning platforms.