Mobiprint 2 from Kazang Prepaid

This is the next generation of the handheld point of sale system from Kazang. Like its predecessor, Mobiprint2 offers the power and functionality of a traditional POS system through a mobile handheld device.

Mobiprint 2Features:

  • Communicates on the go via an EDGE or WiFi data connection
  • Integrated keyboard and printer
  • Large LCD, hotkeys & intuitive menu structure
  • Robust enough for outdoor use
  • Secure
  • Fast transaction speeds
  • Pre-loaded vouchers and background stock ordering makes vending even faster
  • Detailed reporting on device
  • Powered by an internal rechargeable battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Java-based so integrates with your customised business applications

Management & security

  • Encrypted communications protect your data
  • New services updates are loaded over-the-air (OTA) ensuring your Mobi2 is always up to date

Advanced Features

Kazang Mobi devices are differentiated in the market by added features and functionality developed by the Kazang Software Team. These features and functionality has been implemented over a couple of years due to requests and feedback from the market. Below are some of the features that have been developed:

  • Content On Device (C.O.D) – Pre-purchases a set amount of vouchers for immediate vending, this provides extremely fast vending speeds and provides your customers with faster service.
  • Mini Statements – This is a short summary report of your balances for either a day, week, month or previous month.
  • Multi-User Profiles – This enables the owner of the device to create sub users/operators associated with the owner account. Sales are then tracked for the current active user and can be requested in the cash up. The transactions performed by each operator will still work off the owner account and the owner can manage the users list and view and reset all the cash up reports.

See which services you can offer using your Mobi2 here.


  • Comprehensive one-year warranty
  • After sales support by phone or email


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