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How to use our device

The Kazang vending system is simple and easy to use. It allows the user to vend vouchers quickly and efficiently. We have put a great amount of time in ensuring that the device is user friendly.

This portable vending terminal allows you to sell airtime, electricity and more from wherever you are. The Mobi2 has a built-in printer so you can issue a receipt there and then. Transactions are fast, and you can use this device wherever there is cellular coverage

Electricity Voucher Vending:

Insert the customers meter number and amount of electricity that they want to purchase and then proceed to vending the electricity voucher.

If the meter number is invalid we have added a “Test Meter Number” function on the device so that you can test the customers number before vending.
See in which Municipal Area you can vend electricity Here.

Normal Airtime Voucher Vending:

This process is very simple. Select the desired network and airtime denomination and print the voucher.

Pinless Airtime and Data Voucher Vending:

Pinless Voucher vending is slightly different, as it will require the customers number so that airtime or data can be sent to their phones. The process is simple, just input the customers number in the field provided and vend the voucher. the customer will receive an SMS from their service provider stating that they have received their airtime or data. The Mobi2 will also print out a receipt stating that the transaction was successful.

USSD Voucher Vending:

Using the USSD functionality allows you to be able to vend vouchers from your phone. In order to do this there is a very simple process that needs to be followed.

Please note that this function will only be allowed for Vodacom Sims

Step 1: Email the SIMs MSIDN number to the Kazang call center to activate this service

Step 2: dial *130*529# and follow the prompts

Step 3: The Call Center will then send you your account number so that you can deposit funds into it.

Step 4: Start Vending

Doing DSTV Account Payments:

This is a very simple process, enter your customers valid DSTV Smart Card Number, ID or Account number and select the correct amount to make the payment. the device will print out a reciept with all the details for the customer.

Please note that the our process will ask you to confirm that the customers ID/Smart Card/Account number correct i.e. Smart Card Number: 111 111 111 Account Holder Mr S Smith


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