Kazang Content Ready

The infrastructure that underpins the Kazang Prepaid services across the continent is Kazang Content Ready, a sophisticated transaction switch that ensures that thousands of transactions a minute are completed successfully and accurately.

Kazang Content Ready makes it possible to bypass the old-fashioned scratch cards and pre-printed prepaid vouchers. This gives vendors increased security – no longer do scratch cards or PINs go missing, costing money – and flexibility. Shopkeepers can vend whichever denomination from whichever supplier they need – and don’t have cash locked up in inventory they may or may not sell.

What’s more, thanks to Kazang Content Ready, advanced reporting gives business owners the information they need to better run their business.

As well as being the infrastructure supporting Kazang Prepaid vending by POS, web and mobile, Content Ready is being used by companies wanting to tap into the power of the transaction back-end for their own point of sale services. For more informantion on Kazang Content Ready and how it can support your business, please complete the form below.

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