Why Kazang Prepaid

Why use Kazang for vending?

Kazang has more than a decade of experience providing prepaid telecoms services to retailers in South Africa. We’ve made it our business to remove the complexities of vending prepaid services. This gives retailers a quick, easy and safe way to meet their customers’ needs as well as earning money and ensuring a loyal customer base. Kazang offers access to this prepaid platform via Kazang Prepaid.

How do I vend?

Kazang Prepaid operates via a mobile terminal that is easy to set up and start vending almost immediately. The terminal is portable, takes up little space and is super tough (we know, we built it ourselves to survive even the most hard-wearing environments). Along with airtime and electricity, Kazang Prepaid vends mobile data and a growing range of lifestyle and content services that offer you, as the retailer, generous margins. These value-added services are a great way to attract new customers and keep them coming back.

Kazang Prepaid offers a more convenient alternative to scratch cards, with the choice of printing vouchers or completely paperless top-ups directly to the customers’ cellphones. What’s more, with Kazang Prepaid, your cash isn’t tied up in specific denominations that your customers may or may not buy. You manage a central wallet and allocate funds according to your customers’ requests‚ making sure you keep them happy. Kazang offers a fast, safe and convenient way to vend airtime, electricity and other content and subscriptions. Kazang Prepaid also gives you an advanced online dashboard where you can view your profit, run reports and manage your vending activities.

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