Mukuru Money Transfer

Kazang keeps getting better and better! Now you can send money to Botswana, Cameroon, Congo, eSwatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many more! Process is simple: Step 1: Send proof of identity, income and residency to Mukuru Step 2: Signup + Registration process Step 3: Contact …continue reading

DStv Payments

Yes It’s True! Now you can make all your DStv payments through Kazang! We have upgraded all our Timpas and Mobis with the latest DStv menus making it possible to do payments for South Africa and Zimbabwe. Kazang and DStv providing you so much more!




ZNBC TV Spot – Zambia

Cape Town: 1 August 2013 Saicom acquires Bua Bua customer base Saicom announced today that it had acquired the vending and payphone customer bases of Bua Bua based in Centurion. Already a Kazang vending dealer the approximately 500 vending customers will be absorbed into the current Kazang base. A small payphone base was also acquired …continue reading

Kazang, the prepaid vending division of Saicom, announced today that it had acquired the customer base and management team of Safrisol. Safrisol was one of Kazang’s largest customers and was the first agent ever to re-sell Kazang prepaid services. The base consists of more than 500 prime sites located predominantly in the Western Cape and …continue reading

Eskom tariff increase

With Eskom’s electricity tariffs increasing by an average of 8% for 2013/14, here are some savings tips for you to share with your customers or use yourself: “If you’re not using it, switch it off.” Geyser: Switch off geysers between 06:00 and 22:00, reduce thermostat to 60 degrees, insulate geyser and water pipes and replace …continue reading


Prepaid-savvy South African consumers have extended their buying options to embrace yet another innovative prepaid offering – pay-TV. TopTV is an affordable satellite TV network, proudly bringing digital TV into more homes than ever before across the country. The innovative, flexible and affordable packages TopTV offers ensure that everyone can now enjoy the best of …continue reading

6 month update

We have recently completed our bi-annual business review with our Western Cape and Gauteng based partners, while the session in Durban is scheduled for early October. The objective of these meetings was to share valuable information about our competitive landscape, challenges we face and to introduce exciting new opportunities like starter pack & handset distribution, …continue reading

Saicom Match It Competition

Monday, 26 March 2012, saw the announcement of the Match It competition for Saicom Payphone traders. Traders who deposited money into their wallets via FNB atm between 1pm on Saturday (24thMarch) and 6pm on Sunday (25th March) could stand the chance of Saicom matching their deposit made should their transaction be randomly chosen. This concept of …continue reading

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