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Urgent: we are currently looking for Saicom payphone dealers in the North West, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Become part of the Saicom Payphone eco-system by becoming a payphone dealer and building a base of vendors to take Saicom Payphone services to communities that are currently underserved. Each of your payphone operators will earn a commission on the calls made. You will earn commission from the sales of your entire base.

Join us in providing more people with better access to vital services.

Minimum requirements:

  • Good ties to communities that are currently under-serviced. Perhaps they are remote, peri-urban or informal, and currently can’t easily pay for basic services
  • Ability to recruit and manage a network of vendors, including customer service, first-line support
  • Experience with sales in the informal and emerging retail sector
  • Ability to spot opportunities to offer pre-paid payment solutions – perhaps there’s a new housing complex being built in your area. Ensure there is a Kazang Prepaid vendor available to serve these new customers.
  • VAT registered (in South Africa)
  • There are minimum purchasing requirements to become a superdealer

To find out more, please complete the form below and one of our account managers will be in touch.

  • eg 072 444 44444

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