Telephone and cash management service Kazang and the charity organisation Mahlasedi Foundation helped to organise wheelbarrows for the carrying of the food for residents in need on 28 May. Many eager residents participated in delivering a month’s supply of food to 10,000 households, in a week-long programme in the Cosmo City and Kya Sand areas. …continue reading

For those of you who know Kazang, you know that we aim to provide convenience to our vendors and their customers which we do in the form of a range of value-added services. Along with offering these value-added services, we also do various branding campaigns. One of our latest projects has been painting our vendors’ …continue reading

Kazang, Zambia Wildlife Authority, Itezhi-Tezhi FM and the local fisheries department have teamed up to do 3 day cleanup of Lake Itezhi-Tezhi in Kafue National Park Zambia. Please link below: Kazang Sponsored Clean Up Our Team up in Zambia are going the extra mile to preserve and protect the local environment.

Mukuru Money Transfer

Kazang keeps getting better and better! Now you can send money to Botswana, Cameroon, Congo, eSwatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and many more! Process is simple: Step 1: Send proof of identity, income and residency to Mukuru Step 2: Signup + Registration process Step 3: Contact …continue reading

DStv Payments

Yes It’s True! Now you can make all your DStv payments through Kazang! We have upgraded all our Timpas and Mobis with the latest DStv menus making it possible to do payments for South Africa and Zimbabwe. Kazang and DStv providing you so much more!

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