How do I make money?

We help vendors, like you, to make more money. How? 

  • Offer more products and services to your shoppers;
  • Earn commission on every transaction;
  • Attract more customers; and
  • Keep shoppers coming back again and again.

You can keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly sales and commissions on your device under the Reports section.

Frequently asked questions

You can contact our Contact Centre. Our team will help you to register as a Kazang Vendor and get a sales agent to visit your shop and install a device. You can also download the Kazang App on your Android mobile device to start trading today!  .

The Kazang Wallet or Account is where you store the credit you use to buy and resell vouchers. Your balance can be seen at the top of the device screen.

You can deposit money or top-up your Kazang account by depositing cash at a bank, through EFT (electronic funds transfer), by doing a top up at your nearest Kazang VCD (Vendor Cash Deposit) or by purchasing a Kazang Top-Up Voucher at a Kazang Vendor.

Kazang banking details can be found on your device under Load Funds > Bank Deposit.

You can also top up your Wallet via Ozow Instant EFT. With the Ozow app, you don’t need to leave your shop to get to a bank to deposit funds and top up your wallet with credit. 

You can sell a variety of prepaid products and services including airtime, data, electricity, international airtime and electricity, money transfers, bill payments and more. See full list of Kazang Products and Services 

You can view your account balance at the top of your device screen. You can also view details on your balance and transactions in the Reports section on your device.

You may qualify for a second or third device depending on your turnover. Please contact our Contact Centre  to find out more.

The commission you earn varies from product to product and provider to provider. For more details, contact our Contact Centre 

All Kazang products and services are ready for vending as soon as your Kazang Wallet / Account has a positive balance.

Kazang devices have built-in batteries which will keep you trading for up to 24-hours on a single charge. However, this depends on how many transactions you process per day.

For further queries, please contact our Helpdesk on 087 550 2955, WhatsApp 071 871 2173 or

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