6 month update

We have recently completed our bi-annual business review with our Western Cape and Gauteng based partners, while the session in Durban is scheduled for early October. The objective of these meetings was to share valuable information about our competitive landscape, challenges we face and to introduce exciting new opportunities like starter pack & handset distribution, as well as bulk printing solutions now available to our partners throughout South Africa.

We are proud to announce that together with our 40 partners, we have close to 12,000 active points of presence (vendors) in SA, selling 7,000,000 prepaid vouchers every month to approximately 1,900,000 customers in the LSM groups 3 – 6.

A few highlights worth mentioning:

  • Over the last six months, we have witnessed growth of 31% across our top 20% of customers.
  • We have had a 55% growth across our top partners in the Western Cape.
  • We continue to introduce new content such as pinless recharges and data bundles as well as new applications such as USSD vending on our 18,000 unit payphone base & our very own Kazang Online Store.
  • We are proud to have acquired ContentSwitch this year, a move that reinforces our in-house development capacity.
  • Lastly, we have successfully launched our latest POS terminal (Mobi Print) into the market and have appointed two sales managers, a business analyst and communications co-ordinator in order to cope with the increase in demand we continue to experience from the market.