Kazang rewards is now live

Kazang Launches Kazang Rewards: A Game-Changer for Vendors and Partners


Kazang Rewards and what it means for Kazang Vendors

Kazang Rewards is an innovative vendor-facing rewards platform seamlessly integrated into the Kazang device, offering a multifaceted loyalty experience. Designed to empower vendors, it serves as a dynamic space where they can earn rewards by effortlessly completing tasks and surveys and view deals on broadsheets and ads. 

With Kazang Rewards, vendors are not merely participants in a rewards program; they are active contributors to a thriving community built on mutual benefit, shared success, and business growth.

By combining the capabilities of technology and incentivisation, Kazang Rewards revolutionises the vendor experience, transforming routine transactions into rewarding interactions.

What does Rewards mean for partnering brands

With Kazang Rewards, brands can also finally connect with vendors in a meaningful way to drive engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, success.

Kazang Rewards allows brands to influence vendor behaviour nationwide or target specific subgroups to meet their objectives. Beyond being a rewards app, it boosts merchandising by showcasing products and promotions, driving sales and brand awareness. It also provides valuable insights into purchase behaviour, helping to incentivise desired actions.

Additionally, Kazang Rewards gathers rich customer data and conducts surveys for targeted campaigns and improved decision-making. 

Serving as an advertising platform and communication hub, it reaches vendors directly with relevant information, promotions, and offers through in-app messaging and notifications.

Essentially, Kazang Rewards creates a symbiotic ecosystem where vendors and brands alike benefit from enhanced engagement, insightful data, and increased loyalty, ultimately driving mutual growth and success.