Interested in becoming a prepaid airtime supplier? Here’s how


In South Africa a whopping 85% of mobile phone packages are prepaid, says a report released by Nielson. This means there’s a huge market to tap into, and selling prepaid airtime can be a lucrative income stream for your business. Gone are the days when prepaid airtime vouchers and scratch cards were used to purchase airtime from an airtime vending machine, making the process risky and unreliable, with cards often getting lost or stolen or store owners running out of stock.

Welcome the new technology era; prepaid airtime and electricity can now be sold in a number of ways you never thought possible, while boosting your in-store foot traffic at the same time!

Did you know that you can sell airtime from your computer? 

If you’d like to sell prepaid airtime from your computer, you’ll have to purchase electronic voucher distribution (EVD) software. An article in Entrepreneur Magazine says that the software credits your virtual account as soon as you deposit funds into the bank account of the airtime supplier (MTN, CellC, Vodacom etc.). As the account holder you can track your commission and the names of your customers and their cellphone numbers online.

How about using your cellphone as an airtime vending machine?

Selling prepaid airtime through a cellphone is another option. Your customer pays the required amount and an SMS is then sent to the airtime supplier, who responds with a PIN code which your customer will use to buy the virtual airtime voucher. You will earn a commission from every transaction.

Investing in a portable vending machine

A portable hand-held vending machine gives you great flexibility in terms of different types of products that you can sell and the seller earns the highest profit! There are different plans available; either the store-owner purchases the machine and earns a set profit, or gets the machine for free and earns a profit according to the machine’s monthly turnover.

Kazang offers merchants an easy, portable way to sell prepaid airtime, data, electricity, lotto tickets, gaming vouchers, bill payments and more. For example, if a person wishes to pay their DStv account, they can do so via a Kazang vending device. The Kazang hand-held machine is robust and mobile and works like a virtual wallet.

There are about 23,000 Kazang vendors in South Africa who are increasing their profits by selling prepaid services such as airtime and electricity. Here are some of the advantages of vending Kazang prepaid airtime vouchers:

  • Selling airtime through Kazang is safe and easy
  • You’ll earn commission on every transaction
  • There’s no risk of vouchers getting lost or stolen
  • If you misplace your device, the deposit and investment is not compromised
  • You’ll always have stock, but your cash won’t be tied up in pre-purchased stock that doesn’t sell
  • You won’t run out of stock, as long as you have enough funds deposited on the device
  • Your customers won’t need to visit other stores when they can get all that they need from yours
  • Your customers’ experience will improve which will strengthen their loyalty

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