Grow your business quickly by selling prepaid electricity

ZipZap Blog Pictures - September 2016

The modern world has changed what many people consider the essentials. Existing without airtime and data is like existing without bread and milk, and having these items available to your customers is non-negotiable. You need to ensure that it’s as easy as possible for your customers to buy prepaid electricity and airtime from your store, or they’ll go to another store where it is. A well-known, popular choice of safe, quick and mobile prepaid vending is a product called Kazang, and it may just be the right solution for you to grow your business, while offering your customers great service and the products they need.

Did you know that the majority of South Africans use prepaid electricity, and that there are more mobile phones in SA than people?

There’s a huge market for prepaid airtime and electricity in SA. The General Household survey, 2015  conducted by Stats SA found that three quarters of the population use prepaid electricity over post-paid electricity to power their homes.  In addition, figures from a report by South Africa’s Institute for Race Relations (IRR) show that there are 78 million cellular phone subscriptions in the country. Because of the massive demand for prepaid electricity and airtime, not stocking these services would be detrimental to your business.

Offering prepaid vending solutions like airtime and electricity attracts more customers to your store, thereby increasing your revenue and improving your customer service offering.

Your business will benefit from selling prepaid services in many ways:

  1. Your customers won’t need to visit other stores when they can get all that they need from yours
  2. Your customers’ experience will improve which will strengthen their loyalty
  3. More customers will result in a higher turnover
  4. New customers may become repeat customers
  5. You’ll grow your business by earning commission on each bill payment, prepaid airtime, data and electricity transaction processed through the Kazang terminal

Controlling your cash flow and staying on top of your stock levels is made much easier thanks to Kazang.

If you’re looking for a safe option of stocking prepaid vouchers, then Kazang’s your answer, because there’s no risk of stock getting lost or stolen. Kazang will also help you manage your all-important cash flow, as you won’t have to invest upfront in stock that might not sell. Over and above offering the staples like airtime, data and electricity from your Kazang device, your customers can buy gaming top-up vouchers, send money home, and even pay their DStv bills! It really is a one-stop-shop solution.

The choice is yours! You can choose between selling prepaid services via a physical vending machine or via the Kazang webstore or mobile app, and still enjoy the same outstanding customer support.

How does the physical vending device work? As a vendor you select the service that your customer requires, and print a voucher from the device. Kazang devices work in all areas, even those with limited GPRS connectivity.

If you’d prefer to sell vouchers through online vending simply register as a vendor online, deposit money into your account and you’re ready to go. To use the Kazang app, all you have to do is download the app from the Google Play store and access the same functionality from your phone.

And if you ever need help, we’re just a click away. You can use the “please call me” function, and a Kazang consultant will get back to you within an hour, during office hours.

Over the past decade Kazang has processed several billion Rands worth of transactions. Kazang helps millions of people to access essential prepaid services like airtime, data and electricity through its international reach across many African countries. To become a Kazang vendor please contact one of our consultants on 087 550 2955 or send an email to