Kazang Launches Daily Lotto, Raffle & Pay-Outs

We are very excited to announce that we have recently launched three new Lotto products on our devices:


• Limited edition Lotto Game!
• Tickets on sale from 20 October 2019 to 10 January 2020
• Only 500 000 tickets available nationwide
• Tickets cost R50
• There will be 10 winning tickets, each one will win a brand-new Mercedes C200 Cabriolet


• Lotto’s newest and most popular game
• Draws and winners every single day
• Tickets cost only R3 per line
• Players choose 5 numbers (self-pick coming soon) or can get a quick pick at a chance to win!


Kazang vendors can now check and redeem winning lotto tickets for themselves or for their customers
• Available for Lotto, Powerball and Daily Lotto
• Only available for tickets that have been sold by a Kazang Device

For more information, please contact our HelpDesk at 087 550 2955 or help@kazang.com

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