Kazang is in the business of providing essential everyday products and services to enrich the lives of our customers. But we also aim to provide the best service to our Vendors – the driving force of our company. So, to ensure that our Vendors have the best experience with regards to trading, we offer a selection of devices to suit their specific needs.

Back in 2014, we started out with the Timpa and the Timpa Touch. Soon we realized that a smaller, mobile device was needed and thus the Mobi2 was introduced. A big upgrade was the Timpa2 – a handheld, full colour, touchscreen Android device with a 20-hour battery life for a full day of trade. Next, we launched the 15-inch Timpa Pro – this large, touchscreen device is a favourite with bigger stores.

And we are very excited to announce that we will soon be launching the new Timpa X.

Here is a quick look at our different devices:

Timpa Pro

  • 15 Inch HiDef Touchscreen for easy use
  • Durable and easy to use for informal market
  • 4G Wi-Fi connection allowing faster, more stable connectivity
  • 80mm Till Roll for bigger display

Timpa 3

  • Touchscreen Android device
  • Durable and easy to use for informal market
  • 20-hour battery life, recharge overnight
  • Free replacement on broken devices

Timpa X

  • Touchscreen Android device
  • Durable and easy to use for informal market
  • 4G / LTE connectivity for fast transaction speeds
  • Dual SIM cards – Switch to a different network easily to minimize downtime
  • Built-in magstripe reader for processing prepaid electricity cards.
  • All day trading with great battery-life

For more information about our Devices and how to become a Kazang Vendor, contact us on 087 550 2955 or on WhatsApp 0661331549 or help@kazang.com


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