Kazang Primary Logo

Kazang Rebrand

Step into the heart of Kazang, where community empowerment meets entrepreneurship.

We are excited to introduce the new look and feel of Kazang to you!

Step into the heart of Kazang, where community empowerment meets entrepreneurship. Kazang is brand rooted in African heritage, designed to uplift and connect local economies. Kazang embodies sincerity and genuine connection, standing as a beacon for every aspiring entrepreneur.

Kazang does not exist without community economies and the entrepreneurs who drive them. It’s the spazas and the house shops, the taverns and the takeaways founded and run by pioneers. These informal economies hold up whole communities, creating access for millions of people and bring essentials closer to home.

Our new look and feel represents who we are, to mirror Kazang’s remarkable growth and evolution over the years, and to highlight our unwavering commitment to innovation.

The design concept behind our new logo and tagline encapsulates multiple facets of Kazang’s mission, emphasising growth, community connection and cultural relevance. The infusion of African elements, combined with a forward-thinking approach, fosters a sense of belonging and connection with the local community, giving the brand a distinctive character that aligns with its roots and reflects its commitment to innovation.